Kitchen Remodeling in Lakewood, Ohio

Breit’s has been serving the Lakewood, Ohio area for over 70 years! We’re local, we live in Bay Village and our office is located at 5218 Detroit Road in Cleveland Ohio. Breit’s has a team of experienced carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and cabinet builders. Almost 100% of the work is done by us, we rarely ever sub-contract work out. Our quality of work is held to very high standards!

We specialize in complete kitchen remodeling projects, from conception to completion. With the help of our CAD software, we can design your new kitchen right on the computer, and show you how the kitchen will look when it’s finished! This is extremely helpful if you want to purchase new appliances that will not fit in your current space.

One common complaint from our customers is the lack of outlets in their kitchen. Most kitchens have several outlets that are either out of place, do not work, or are not up to code. Our team of designers can create a new kitchen layout that works for you.

Another common complaint is the lack of cabinet and/or counter space. Many times, do-it-yourself cabinets from big box stores simply do not have enough configurations for every size kitchen. We have custom-built cabinets to fit just about every space imaginable. Our expert cabinet builders can design and build a custom cabinet solution for every style of kitchen layout!