Kitchen Cabinets

What makes a box a cabinet? First, many boxes are cabinets. Kitchen cabinets have to have enough strength to hold a lot of stuff on the wall. Several key items make up good kitchen cabinets, including hanging rails, joints, wood composition, glue, and drawers. A good hanging rail (that is installed right) is a must. Dowels or dados for the different joints of the cabinet construction are the best. Rabbited joints are not as strong, but many times are impossible not to use. Joints should have glue in them and be clean, no gaps or have oozed, dried glue showing. Hot melt is not a permanent joint and is not my preferred method of fastening. Staples are strong if used where parts are running in different directions. Dove tailed parts can be strong, but be careful of companies who forget to glue the joints. Drawers that have dovetails are good but a dado is just as good in my opinion. Under-mount guides seem to be good.

kitchen cabinets


What’s for dinner?

The kitchen is the heart of the household. It has gone from a washbasin with a stove next to it and possibly one cabinet for supplies, to a grandiose, over the top showpiece that is fit for Royalty.

Most Cleveland kitchens are somewhere in-between. Usually a little re-configuring of a space can go a long way to making the room more appealing and usable. Keeping an open mind can help.

I recommend looking at pictures and find styles and colors you would like. More than likely someone has done a kitchen that has the style that fits. The Internet is a great place to start. It is recommended to speak with a professional if possible, especially if you are having problems deciding.You can also visit our showroom located on Detroit road in Ohio City. We have several complete kitchens set up and ready to look at. We have multiple configurations of cabinets and countertops, sinks and faucets, and even tiled back-splashes.

Write down what you like and dislike so you have it in mind when you come to see us.