Window Seats

IMGP2788An easy way to make a window seat from 12″ high wall cabinets, is to make a toe kick out of 2 x 4’s build the cabinets up and make the seat out of veneer or laminate with a wood edge. In this one I used baseboard that matched and painted end panels. The seat is roughly 16.5″ high, making it near perfect for an existing table. The idea is to make kitchen cabinets look more like high end furniture without the added cost.


Cleaning Corian Countertops

Working with Corian countertops and sinks for many years, we are often asked how to clean scratches off of them. What we suggest is to scrub it with a scotch Brite pad, or in the case of more serious scratches using wet sandpaper instead. This will leave you with a dull surface, which is normally what we strive to achieve. If a shiny surface is desired it will require extra polishing tools that most people don’t have available. We do not recommend shiny Corian surfaces because they are much easier to scratch.