Top Five Kitchen Trends for 2022

Our daily lives have been transformed dramatically over the past two years. Many aspects of living have changed and the way we design our kitchens is no exception. With more time to spend at home for many, the kitchen has become more than a place you eat; it has evolved into a sanctuary. As a result, for anyone designing kitchens or considering hiring someone to design them it is important to know the current trends occurring in the industry. Below we have listed the top trends that we believe will be prevalent in 2022.

The top five trends are:

1. Less polish, more natural

Warm natural cabinet colors and even wood surfaces are now preferred. With people stuck in their homes, a more natural looking aesthetic has become appealing to many. Wood cabinets offer an escape from artificial, polished designs. Grained walnut or white oak add to a warm and cozy aesthetic.

2. Dynamic color

While white kitchens are always in style, more bold and playful colors are trending in 2022. Whether it be bold shades of green or yellow, homeowners’ palettes are becoming more adventurous. Mixing dramatic stone with rich, contrasting hues has been another trend, such as an oxblood red and a deep navy.

3. Black and White

Don’t want earthy or dynamic colors, don’t worry, the black and white kitchen is always an option. What is great about these colors is they work even as your style changes overtime. Sharp contrasts always look great and a black and white style is no exception.

4. White Quartz Countertops

For those who love marble, white quartz counter tops are always an option and is a trending style for 2022. With quartz, you don’t have to worry about stains and be assured you will have a family friendly surface for any occasion.

5. Increased Storage

Bigger pantries with more storage are trending in 2022. Working pantries that hold items like coffee centers are a hit for people who want to make their space as utilitarian as possible.

Source: Chrissy Marie Blog

Source: Food 52