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KITH Cabinets

We are happy to announce a new cabinet line called KITH Cabinets. It is a non-stock line and is built to order. KITH offers many unique styles and designs in their cabinets. The cabinets are available as a Framed or Frame-less and can be built with plywood or composition board. Cost wise it is in the ballpark with other less expensive lines that are non stock . The unique thing to me is that you can get frameless at a good price! They have many colors available and stains as well. They are shipped direct from their plant in Alabama.

Timeless Designs

The beautiful part about KITH cabinets are their many timeless, beautiful designs. They create cabinets that can fit into any kitchen design. From modern to contemporary, to rustic, antique, they do it all! Each cabinet is hand crafted to your exact dimension requirements of your kitchen. Breit’s will then custom install the cabinets complete with fit and finish. We are expert cabinet builders; our carpenters can custom build trim to match your cabinets in case there is any extra space.

Match the Counters

Don’t forget about countertops! KITH cabinets come in a wide variety of styles and colors, Breit’s can help to match your cabinet to the right countertop.

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