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Kitchen Trends for 2020

With the 2010’s over, many designers are looking for new trends for the new decade. Many designs are still in style; from polished stainless steel appliances to southwestern colors, to simple and clean white cabinetry. There are also a few designs trends that are bold and new; painted yellow ceilings, brick backsplashes, dog cantinas (yes that’s right!), and traditional simple designs are all in style for 2020.

Painted Ceilings

Ceilings are traditionally painted in white, however in recent years adding some color is more widely accepted. Painting your kitchen in a nice bright color will help to keep the light shining all year round. Yellow, light orange and green are nice choices. Plus with a nice color on the ceiling with a sheen, anywhere from satin to semi-gloss, will help when you need to do some light cleaning.

Brick Backsplashes

Rustic designs are timeless and many times you needed the right kitchen size and shape to pull it off. Today however, designers are getting creative by adding brick to the backsplash area of the sink. This creates a nice rustic look that matches well with modern appliances. If red bricks are too much for your kitchen, you can always try white washed bricks. Also work in a few painted bricks too.

Dog Cantinas

Yes you heard right, dog cantinas or a small eating area for the dogs is a really good idea! If you have extra lower cabinet space that is unused, installing a small area for dog bowls is a great way to keep their food off the floor, reducing mess (depending on your dog of course) and keeping walkways clear. There are many good design ideas, the picture to the left is a nice idea, but we can help design something specifically for your kitchen.




Simple, Clean Kitchen Designs

Keep it simple in 2020. You’ll never go wrong with beautiful white cabinets, matching countertops and tile, and hardwood flooring. Mix and match with natural or lightly stained cabinets, secondary color on the tile and counters, and matching hardwood or tile floors. You can still keep the stainless appliances, however painted refrigerators and ovens are in style again. Any of these are great options, and at Breit’s, we can show you what your kitchen would look like before we begin. We use advanced CAD software that will help to visualize the project, giving you piece of mind that the job will be done right!

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