Kitchen Counter Trends for 2019

Kitchen remodeling trends change from year to year, and every few years there are major shifts in trends. In the early-to-mid 2000’s, stainless steel appliances were all the rage. While stainless is still a very nice option, some trendy designs are leaning toward everything from painted, to specific designs, like southwestern. From the color of your walls, to the color and style of the tile, back-lighting, and even your appliances, the entire composition of the kitchen should match. But what about your countertops? Your countertop should pull the entire kitchen together, and it is a main focal point, and big selling point in real estate as well. Breit’s specializes in a wide range of countertop materials that fit every size kitchen and budget. You can choose from Laminate, Corian, Granite, and even Quartz. We make the process easy! You can simply take a few photos of your counter, create a rough drawing of your kitchen, and provide us with dimensions, and we can give you an idea on cost over the phone! To get started, click HERE and you’ll be directed to our Countertop Page. Scroll down to find a form where you can upload your drawing and pictures. Please call us at 216.651.5800 with any questions!

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